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Skinny trousers made of dense knitwear blue
Trousers narrowed carrot black
Trousers with terracotta stripes
Wide leg trousers palazzo caramel
Blue ribbed trousers
White tapered trousers
Pants joggers cream
Pants tapered at the cuff made of dense jersey gray
Straight trousers made of thick bordeaux jersey
Pants bananas milk
Skinny trousers made of dense knitwear anthracite
Skinny trousers made of dense knitwear milk
Skinny trousers made of dense knitwear caramel
Skinny trousers made of dense knitwear cream
Pants with stripes cream

Ladies Pants

Having bridled such an element of the wardrobe as trousers, women did not at all lose their femininity, attractiveness and elegance. On the contrary, fashionable women's trousers help to diversify the wardrobe, create more stylish images, visually adjust the figure, increase self-confidence and success. In the 25 union online store you can buy stylish women's trousers from Ukrainian designers. The exclusive collections are based on well-known world trends, adapted to the needs of our beautiful ladies.

Pants are a worthy competitor to the skirt. Every modern woman has at least one model of trousers in her wardrobe. The secret of the popularity of this garment lies in its comfort, practicality and ease of wear. It fully corresponds to the modern dynamic rhythm of life, while fashion designers do not forget about the beauty and attractive design of trousers. This is how many stylish styles are born, among which every fashionista can choose the appropriate option.

A little about the history of women's trousers

In European civilization, it is generally accepted that pants migrated to women from the men's wardrobe. A few centuries ago, it was impossible to order women's trousers in Europe, but in the East - in Japan, China, India, women wore trousers from time immemorial. They were even part of traditional formal wear, and it never occurred to anyone to call them menswear.

In European fashion, the first trousers appeared at the end of the 19th century. The first examples that the woman tried on were sports breeches for cycling. But even in this case, a skirt was necessarily worn on top - wide and light, so as not to hinder movements. During the First World War, women had to dress in trousers to work in factories, because it was impossible to stand at the machines in lush elegant dresses. In 1930, for the first time on TV screens, a woman appeared in a men's tuxedo - it was Marlene Dietrich, and in the 60s, pants had already won the fashion catwalks of Europe. Nowadays, thanks to the efforts of our predecessors in any country, you can women's pants to buy, Ukraine is no exception. The variety of styles and shapes creates only one problem - the complexity of the choice.

Fashionable styles of women's trousers

Before buy women's fashion trousers , you need to learn how to choose the right model, taking into account all the nuances of appearance. Modern designers offer the following pants options:

  • classic straight lines with arrows - for a business look;
  • flared - products with legs expanding from the hip and down;
  • bananas - tight to the thighs and ankles, and the legs themselves are wide;
  • leggings - trousers made of elastic fabrics that fit the legs like a second skin;
  • culottes - fashionable wide-leg trousers-skirts.

For women's pants, the price is in a wide segment, it will depend on the material used, style, brand and other factors. You can not only buy ready-made models, but order women's trousers from scratch in an atelier, where they sew exclusive products, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

How to choose the right pants?

Modern fashion covers absolutely all types of female figures, so every fashionista can choose the right style. It is enough to adhere to simple recommendations:

  1. Naturally not expressed waist is emphasized by classic trousers with a medium rise, straight or slightly narrowed.
  2. If you have wide hips, then go for a classic cut combined with an elongated jacket to harmonize proportions. As a "top", you can wear something accent to distract attention from the bottom.
  3. Too long legs will hide wide trousers, trousers with a low armhole and fit. For short-legged girls, straight products of moderate width or flared from the knee are suitable.
  4. Flat buttocks can be hidden with patch back pockets, appliqués and more.
  5. The owners of the harmonious hourglass silhouette were the luckiest ones. Both loose and tight pieces look great on their figure.

Where can you buy women's pants online?

Having several models of trousers in your wardrobe, you can create many fashionable images. If you are interested in women's trousers, online store 25 union are ready to offer them. We have presented exclusive models, the price of which is justified by their high quality, practicality, convenience and beauty. You can order online or visit our showroom in Kharkov.

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