Jumper with embossed stripes Milk + Black
Fluffy textured jumper Caramel + Milk
Zip Neck Jumper black
Oversized V-neck Jumper green
Jumper openwork milk
Jumper with round neck gray
V-neck jumper milk
Long jumper with a slit blue
Cotton caramel golf
Oversized polo jumper olive
Embossed jumper cream

Women's Jumpers

The women's jumper is a popular element of the wardrobe, which few people would know about if Coco Chanel had not borrowed it from men at one time. Initially, this type of sweater was part of the tracksuit outfit for athletes, but now it has found wide use in everyday and business style for men and women. Outwardly, it looks like a sweater without a collar and fasteners with a round or square neckline. You can buy a women's jumper Ukraine in a number of boutiques and clothing stores, the main thing is to know your size, and also take into account the style, fabric, color, cut. As a rule, such products are sewn from cotton, acrylic or wool.

Features of a women's jumper

This is a knitted or knitted shoulder product without fasteners or with a short fastener at the top, worn over the head. Most often, a women's jumper has a loose cut that does not constrict movement. Due to the great design variety, every fashionista can buy a stylish women's jumperto your taste. A properly selected model not only warms, but also emphasizes the advantages, and also hides the flaws of the figure. Recently, light openwork models have been in great demand on sale, which can be worn even in summer over a swimsuit.

Every girl can buy a fashionable women's jumper regardless of height, age and build. A variety of models allows you to choose a jacket that will fit into every wardrobe. It is combined with any bottom, light openwork models look especially beautiful with a long dress or skirt. You can experiment with the look by adding jewelry and accessories to complete your look with shoes and a bag.

What to pay attention to before ordering a women's jumper?

Choosing women's clothing is never an easy task, especially if you have a non-standard figure or have your own sense of style. First of all, pay attention to parameters such as:

  • length. It will be good that it does not end on the wide part of the figure, otherwise it will visually shorten it. If you need to hide the tummy, then you should pick up a long sweater, but full ladies should opt for asymmetry;
  • The fabric to use. For sewing jumpers, cotton, knitwear, viscose, yarn are used. The most elite material is cashmere, it is thin, light, pleasant to the touch, although whimsical in care;
  • sleeve length. Long sleeves will help visually make full arms smaller. If a girl has thin wrists, she can choose a ¾ length. In summer models, sleeves may be absent;
  • cutout shape. For ladies with curvy shapes, models with a V-neck are well suited. For long-necked beauties, products with puffy collars are suitable, but a short neck will help to visually lengthen the neckline with a triangle.

You can buy a beautiful women's jumper in the online storewith additional details, for example, with a belt or other accessories. Ornaments will not be superfluous, massive bracelets and rings will help visually divert attention from shortcomings, and thinner and more elegant ones, on the contrary, will emphasize elegance. In order for jumpers to look like new for longer, it is important to properly care for them. This is the only way they will retain their shape and size for many years.

What's the style?

Many designers actively arrange fashion shows with jumpers. In Ukraine, this piece of clothing is in great demand, because winter and demi-season periods do not please with softness. You can buy a women's jumper in Ukraine inexpensively from different materials, while their style can be very different: dimensionless oversized, cropped tops, imitation of coarse knitting, fashionable tight-fitting products , models with a zipper, etc.

If you need a more practical option, choose a sweater with a minimum of decor, because designers can recoup on its texture and color scheme. To stand out from the crowd, you can choose jumpers embellished with appliques, geometric prints, custom color schemes, etc. On women's jumpers, the priceis in a wide range. It is influenced by factors such as the type of material, style, brand, etc.

Where can I buy a women's jumper?

If you are looking for women's jumpers, online store 25union is ready to offer the best conditions for this. Quality products of world famous manufacturers of women's clothing are available here at an affordable price. Each buyer has access to a large assortment, convenient forms of payment and prompt delivery. You can always buy from us women's branded jumpers, price, for which - the most loyal on the market. The store has a huge selection of clothes for every taste. At 25union you can buy both simple jumpers and more exclusive models.

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1. What women's jumpers are in fashion now?

The jumper is one of the basic elements of women's wardrobe. It allows you to generate feminine, elegant fashion looks and not freeze in the cold season. Universal jumpers harmoniously fit into everyday, business, gentle images. The fashion collections of 2022 offer a wide range of products made of wool, knitwear, mohair, cotton in different styles, colors, designs.

The color palette in the new season pleases the eye with both richness and restraint. At the peak of popularity, such colors as burgundy, emerald, lavender, beige, chocolate, lemon, olive. Products are represented by various knitting techniques - large, small, "honeycombs", pigtails, bumps, this also contributes to a variety of outfit variations.

Trend styles of jumpers

In the trends of 2022, there are options already familiar to us from previous years, as well as completely new models. These are oversized jumpers with a V-neck, round neck, lacing, elongated, voluminous free cut, asymmetric. We offer you to study fashion news in more detail in order to easily create a suitable look and look stunning in any situation.

Oversized jumpers have been occupying high positions in fashion trends for several years now. Volumetric and "baggy", they help to hide the errors of the figure, but at the same time they look very elegant, elegant, harmonious. In the cold season, it is nice to wrap yourself in a cozy loose jumper, enjoying the warmth and comfort.

Lacing models look spectacular and original. It can be made in different parts of the product - on the back, sleeves, front, bottom. In any case, such a touch will not go unnoticed and will give the owner enthusiastic views and personal comfort.

As for cutouts, today it is absolutely not necessary to wear a jumper under the throat. V-neck options are in vogue. He adds to the image of femininity, restrained frankness. Such a neckline is suitable for girls with broad shoulders, it visually removes the width. Crew neck models are great for discreet everyday, work looks. They are universal and suitable for almost everyone without exception.

Elongated jumpers that cover the hips are made in the form of a tunic. They can be worn with skinny jeans, trousers, leggings. By adding a cropped jacket or leather jacket, you can get a stylish and warm look for cool weather. Elongated models can be tighter or looser.

An interesting solution would be asymmetric models. They always look spectacular, hide the flaws of the figure and focus on the merits. Asymmetry may be present in length - on the sides, front and back; in the neck - models on one shoulder; in the decor - asymmetric prints, knitting, drawings. If you want to get an original look, do not forget to get an asymmetrical jumper in your wardrobe.

Relevant at all times and for all occasions is a fitted jumper. It is easy to combine with a classic, business, casual style.

2. What to wear with a knitted jumper?

The fashion for knitwear is in full swing. Once undeservedly forgotten, today they allow you to solve several problems at once: protect from the cold, demonstrate a stylish look, give comfort and convenience on frosty days.

The collections of modern knitted jumpers are amazing. Among the current models, you can find products that differ in style, color, knitting technique, length, decor, cut. The choice is so wide that it can be difficult to choose the right thing from the whole variety. Therefore, we propose to consider the most popular options and their combinations with other elements of clothing. So every fashionista can quickly and easily think of a harmonious look for all occasions.

Cozy chunky jumper

Maximum comfort, warmth and convenience. Styles can be very different, but they all differ in large knitted "braids". Such jumpers are successfully combined with trousers, jeans, dresses, skirts, shirts. If the model is voluminous and loose, it is better to choose a tight-fitting bottom, and vice versa, fitted jumpers look good with loose trousers.

Shoes with a large knit jumper can be combined with any - with heels, wedges, flats, high and short.

Knitted jumper with spectacular pattern

The main thing to consider is that the more voluminous the pattern, the more it visually enlarges the figure. It is better for curvaceous ladies to choose vertical, narrow weaves - they will balance the silhouette and “stretch” it. An excellent solution would be models with a V-neck.

If there are no flaws in the figure, the patterns on the jumper can be any - horizontal, vertical, diagonal, curly. Such ornaments as rhombuses, pigtails, waves, "baskets", leaves, squares, leaves, hearts and other shapes are popular.

It should be remembered: the more voluminous and “wider” the pattern, the more restrained the rest of the clothing should be. Do not choose patterned jumpers and multi-colored trousers or printed dresses. , as well as voluminous decorations.

Jumper with dress and skirt

This combination is appropriate for both a casual look and a business office bow. Solid colors with a V-neckline look good with collarless dresses with repeating patterns. Jumpers with multi-colored prints or a combination of several colors are appropriate for pencil skirts, sheath dresses. And massive oversized products are well suited for light mini-skirts.

Jumper and trousers

This combination is in no way inferior to skirts and dresses in terms of femininity and elegance. There are a lot of elegant images with trousers, and all of them are able to give the style a certain shade. For a business outfit, you can wear a shirt under the bottom of the jumper. For sportswear - a knitted dress with sneakers.

Short jumpers are combined with loose trousers, culottes, as well as strict classics. Elongated products look spectacular with skinny, leggings and other tight-fitting pants. Tall slender beauties will suit long oversized models in combination with wide trousers. Such a free-relaxed image will only emphasize harmony.

3. What shoes to wear with a jumper?

Shoes are one of the main elements of a thoughtful look. She plays an important role in shaping the style, the general perception of the fashionista. Therefore, it is so important to pay due attention to the composition of the ensemble and the choice of suitable shoes.

Whichever option you choose, it's important to follow a few simple rules. Items must be:

  • relevant for the season;
  • matching the image;
  • fashionable;
  • comfortable.

You can't walk in beautiful but uncomfortable shoes for a long time. It is worth considering this when choosing stunning stilettos, stylish but lightweight boots for the winter. Of course, the right size plays an important role.

Actual products for spring - sneakers, moccasins, slip-ons. Summer trends - ballet shoes, wedge sandals, heels, pumps. The best autumn shoes will be boots, timberlands, elegant ankle boots. And for the winter, you should take care of purchasing leather boots, ugg boots, over the knee boots. All of the above options are perfectly combined with jumpers.

Oversized models suggest maximum comfort, looseness, freedom of movement, so it is better to choose shoes for them that can feel the same way. It can be boots, sneakers, sneakers, comfortable shoes, ballet flats and even sandals. But any shoes designed for evening outings - on thin stilettos, high wedges, etc. will look ridiculous and out of place.

For office days, you can buy loafers, classic pumps, boots with a small heel. It is also important to take into account the variety of textures, the compatibility of cold shades with warm ones, the features of the figure.

4. What colors of jumpers are the most practical?

The color range of jumpers is very wide, these are monophonic models, and bright prints, and a combination of several shades. All of them can become a harmonious addition to the image, but not all of them are really practical and versatile. We invite you to get acquainted with the most popular and relevant shades that can be safely used in any situation.

Grey color to "be, not seem"

A gray jumper helps to look stylish and simple, restrained and elegant, feminine and confident. This is no longer a "mouse" shade, gray has its own special luxury and style. It is chosen by really self-confident girls who do not need to create the appearance of brightness with the help of clothes.

Gray looks good with black and white elements because it is a combination of these two base tones. To add brightness to a gray image, colors such as yellow, green, blue will help. The combination with red shades looks spectacular.

Milky color for real ladies

This warm shade of white is the very tenderness and elegance, purity and nobility. It is perfect for girls of any build, height, age, color type, adds softness, balance to the image, ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions.

A milk jumper should be shaded with contrasting accents so that it plays in all its splendor. It can be accessories, jewelry. Gray, black, red, purple, brown, olive are in harmony with milk.

Sweet caramel - a combination of simplicity and sophistication

The color is ideal for all styles, where the priority is naturalness, naturalness, naturalness, freedom. Caramel jumper is relevant for boho, country, ethnic, safari and other similar areas.

The best caramel combinations are with other warm shades, peach, terracotta, green, cream, yellow, orange. You can create contrast with white things.

Cream romance

Cream tone is one of the nude palette, relevant always and under any circumstances. This color always adds tenderness, romance, airiness to the image. Cream j owneremmpera is the most feminine and sophisticated person.

The cream is combined with white and black, chocolate, emerald, marsala, peach, mint, red.

World harmony in blue

The color of the sky and the sea fascinates with its infinite depth. You can drown in the bottomless depths of blue, it gives a feeling of peace and tranquility. Blue is combined with almost the entire palette - bright, restrained, pastel, basic tones.

5. What is the difference between a sweater and a jumper?

There is nothing criminal in calling a sweater a jumper and a jumper a sweater. But still, we suggest that you enrich your knowledge in the field of fashion a little and find out how these two items of clothing differ.

What the sweater looks like

The sweater is a knitted product with a high collar covering the neck. This is its main distinguishing feature. Classic products are made with long sleeves, without fasteners, from different types of yarn. A variety of knitting techniques, color palettes, styles have led to a wide range of models for fashionistas of all ages, builds, and parameters.

Initially, the sweater was a male element of the wardrobe, used to lose weight. With the light hand of Coco Chanel, this element came to women, for whom it was not rusty to create a lot of clothing variations.

What is a jumper

If you “cut off” the neck from the sweater, you get a jumper. It is also put on over the head, reaches the waist or hips in length, has no fasteners. Jumpers can be both knitted and knitted, or from combined materials. Modern models are equipped with both a round collar and a V-neck.

The first jumpers were used as sportswear and also mainly by men. Even now, the product is considered more an element of the men's wardrobe. But in fact, jumpers are worn and loved by all fashionistas who want to diversify their wardrobe and look stylish.