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Cardigan jacquard with diamonds Green + Jeans
Cardigan in elastic band voluminous terracotta
Color-block cardigan cream
Openwork cardigan with buttons mustard
Cardigan openwork beige
Mini elasticated cardigan lime
Cardigan mini olive
Basic cardigan light blue
Cardigan with lemons milk
Caramel ribbed cardigan
Khaki Ribbed Cardigan
Printed Sleeve Cardigan black
Cardigan under a belt made of fluffy yarn cream

Women's Cardigans

Modern women's cardigans are not part of any particular style. They are universal and all-season, look great in business looks and everyday "bows", as outerwear and the main element, elongated and shortened, with buttons and with a belt. This is the perfect clothing for all ages, social statuses, events, giving the image completeness and novelty.

Luxury Women's cardigan buy Ukraine in the online store 25 UNION. We offer feminine and elegant clothing at affordable prices. Own production allows you to follow fashion trends in a unique direction, making stylish things with an author's accent. In our collections, we use high-quality materials, the variety of which will allow you to choose a model according to the season and mood.

Styles and fabrics

Depending on the weather and the season, cardigans are selected from different materials. For the off-season, insulated options will be an excellent solution. Mohair, cashmere, wool, tweed, angora can provide comfort and warmth. In the elongated version, they can replace light outerwear, and shortened women's cardigans online store offers to purchase as a beautiful and stylish main element. For warm options, minimal decoration and decoration are relevant. They are interesting in themselves, and the extra decor will only overload the image.

For a warm period, knitted models are perfect, products made from natural flowing fabrics with the addition of artificial fibers for greater strength. Conciseness does not apply to the summer season. If the product is decorated with decor, it will only give the image more femininity, elegance, brightness. A light cardigan can decorate an outfit on cool evenings.

As for the color palette, the basic shades will suit any situation. These are black, beige, gray, white options. If you want colorfulness and brightness, you should order a women's cardigan according to the principle:

  • contrast - dark for light images, and light for dark ones;
  • single color - shades can completely match or slightly differ, in any case, you will get an excellent color harmony.

In addition to shortened and elongated models of cardigans, there are styles of straight and loose silhouettes, with short sleeves, cardigans-coats, oversized, capes, with batwing sleeves. It will not be difficult to buy fashionable women's cardigans if you know which style is right for your figure.

Choose a cardigan by body type

We have already mentioned that this is a universal thing that can visually harmonize any silhouette. And the first step in choosing the perfect cardigan is its compatibility with your body type.

  • "Triangles" need to hide wide hips, long models up to the ankles, as well as options with a decorated top, are suitable for this. Volumetric details or a spectacular collar can act as distracting accents. Women with wide hips should avoid short, baggy pieces and accents at hip level (such as patch pockets).
  • Inverted triangles have the opposite problem - too narrow hips and pronounced shoulders. To give balance to the silhouette will help short products, fastened only on the top button. This is the easiest way to create a visually expanding image. The same patch pockets, rich decor at the bottom, fringe can also help. Such women's cardigans are the price of a harmonious outfit.
  • The problem of "rectangles" and "apples" in a poorly defined waist. Visually, elongated models, fastened with one button exactly in the waist area, will help to solve it. Other ways - straight cut or oversized with an elegant belt that divides the figure into proportional parts.
  • There are no restrictions on the hourglass. This is the most harmonious silhouette that does not need visual adjustments. In any cardigans, the figure will look luxurious and attractive.

Fashionable cardigans for all occasions - in 25 UNION

In order to to buy a fashionable, stylish women's cardigan, you do not need to wait for special occasions and events. It can easily be made part of your everyday look. In the 25 UNION online store you will find original products of our own production - beautiful, practical, inexpensive branded women's cardigans, the price for which is the best on the market among exclusive clothes. To place an order, you can use the online form or call the phones on the site.

Our consultants will help you choose the size, provide information on the composition, characteristics, conditions for care. Order an item from us thing you can, being anywhere in Ukraine. Prompt delivery will help buy stylish women's cardigans quickly and easily.

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1. What cardigans are in fashion this season?

The popularity of cardigans is beyond doubt. From year to year, they occupy a significant place in the wardrobes of fashionistas, helping to create spectacular, stylish, beautiful images for all occasions. In the fashion collections of 2022, you can find the following models:

  • Cardigan coat. Actual midi-length products, just below the knee. Tweed cardigans go well with trousers, dresses. In the cool season, they become an excellent solution for keeping warm and stylish.
  • Elongated cardigan. Knitted or flowing, with decor or concise, dense or very light. For each season, fashionistas can choose an elegant and sophisticated cardigan, the floors of which almost completely cover the legs.
  • Short cardigan. For those who do not want to hide their beautiful figure from the world, models that barely cover their hips are perfect. They look like jackets or jackets, go well with skirts, shorts, jeans.
  • Cardigan cape. The free-cut model gives a feeling of lightness, weightlessness and at the same time comfort. Visually, capes look like capes with slits, complementing elegant and feminine looks. Relevant in the cold season, since it is impossible to freeze in such a cozy attire.
  • Asymmetric cardigan. Always a winning option that attracts attention. Any asymmetry looks unusual and stylish if you choose the right elements of the wardrobe. As a rule, asymmetric cardigans do not need many accessories, they are good on their own.

How to choose a fashionable cardigan?

To make the purchase as successful as possible, you need to follow a few simple recommendations when choosing:

  • The cardigan should go with your main style. The range of popular models is so diverse that it will not be difficult to find the right thing. There are cardigans for street style with a hood and pockets, business and discreet products with a collar, casual options with buttons.
  • Oversized cardigans are worth paying attention to both full fashionistas and girls with a model figure. Loose fit will perfectly hide problem areas and emphasize harmony. Such models will also be an excellent option for pregnant girls.
  • Models with pockets can give the image different shades: fur trim will dilute restraint with a touch of playfulness, knitted pockets will add comfort and warmth to clothes, inset pockets will emphasize conciseness, and patch pockets will become a spectacular accent.
  • Knitwear is suitable for everyone, the main thing is to choose the type of knitting and pattern. These can be thin knit models, dense braided braids, knobs, unusual ethnic-style ornaments, mesh products with large cells or laconic massive knit fabrics.

The variety of cardigans is amazing. Choosing a fashionable model is not difficult.

2. What to wear with an oversized cardigan?

The advantage of oversized products is that women of fashion with different types of figures can easily wear them. The model will add sophistication and femininity to a fragile lady, full women of fashion will be able to adjust the silhouette, hiding problem areas. With the right combination of a “baggy” product with other elements of clothing, the image will turn out to be stylish, bright and attractive.

The cardigan is a universal thing. It can be worn with jeans, trousers, dresses, skirts, flat shoes, wedges, heels, accessories, hats, belts. We offer you to understand in more detail how and with what to combine cardigans in certain images.

Cardigans for every day

Creating a casual look with a cardigan is very easy. It goes well with simple basics - jeans and a t-shirt. Shoes can be chosen both with heels and casual platform sneakers. A thin belt will help to emphasize the waist in such a bow. It is better to choose a discreet color scheme, with a slight bright accent in the form of a handbag, scarf, etc. The large volume of the cardigan is already a spectacular accent in itself, so do not abuse accessories and decor.

Business bow with oversized cardigans

The simplicity and conciseness of the product is exactly what is suitable for a strict office look. By replacing a jacket or jacket with a more “relaxed” and sophisticated cardigan, you can get a comfortable, comfortable, stylish look without going beyond the dress code.

For a business style, it is better to focus on muted shades - beige, gray, black, burgundy. Classic trousers and a formal shirt, boots with heels or platform are suitable for a soft knitted product. You can dilute the severity with an elegant decoration. An oversized model will look great in combination with a pencil skirt, a laconic blouse.

Tenderness and romance combined with a cardigan

There is no better solution than a loose cardigan when it comes to sophistication and tenderness. It works great in contrast, emphasizing all the airiness and dreaminess of young fashionistas.

The color scheme of a romantic look is light. White, pink and other pastel shades, floral prints on dresses, tulle skirts. You can emphasize the mood of the image with the help of classic shoes, a handbag or clutch in a warm shade, gold or silver exquisite jewelry.

The cardigan will give tenderness even to the most defiant look. One has only to cover the shoulders with a loose cape - and frank outfits will "drown" in his prettiness and romance.

Cardigans for highlights

Those who want to stand out can pay attention to cardigans of unusual styles - asymmetrical, with extravagant details. The easiest way to grab attention is with a bright color. A stylish pink or rich red oversized cardigan is perfect for a party.

An excellent solution for an impressive look is a black leather skirt, a printed T-shirt and high heels. You can also choose a dress in black or white. A loose cardigan will decorate both of these sets.

3. What shoes to wear with a cardigan?

The range of fashionable cardigans is very wide - elongated, shortened, oversized models with or without sleeves, decorated or concise, light, dark, bright colors. This is a versatile item that can decorate any look. The mood of the image with a cardigan depends, in particular, on the chosen shoes. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main possible options so that you no longer rack your brains over compiling bows.

The choice of shoes depends on several factors, in particular - the time of year, figure, colors of the image and cardigan, as well as the personal style of the fashionista. Summer cardigans go well with wedge sandals, ballet shoes, moccasins, slip-ons. With the onset of cold weather, shoes, ankle boots, with flat soles or heels become relevant. Sneakers, sneakers are also suitable for street style.

It is better to use appropriate shoes under a black cardigan. Gray, white shades are also allowed. For those who want to look bright, colored shoes will become relevant, but they must repeat the color of at least one element from a common bow.

White models look great with black and white shoes. It can be coarse and massive or refined. One of the trendy looks of our time is an oversized cardigan, thick-heeled ankle boots, skinny leather trousers, a loose shirt or blouse.

For gray cardigans, the variety of options is huge. We offer some interesting images:

  • high-waisted mustard pants, denim shirt, lace-up boots;
  • black jumpsuit, snakeskin ankle boots;
  • white blouse, boyfriend jeans, petite sandals or pumps with heels;
  • Dark tone maxi dress with rough-soled ankle boots

Shades of beige - milk, caramel, cream - will go well with white or beige shoes to match the cardigan itself. A win-win option - black boots, is always relevant and in all images. Olive models can be combined with beige, black, white shoes of an elegant or rough cut.

4. How to wash a knitted cardigan?

A cardigan is a must-have item in every fashionista's wardrobe. It is not difficult to buy a stylish and beautiful thing, but it is difficult to keep it in a beautiful form for a long time. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the rules for washing cardigans, since the appearance and safety of the product depends on this part of the care.

Knitted products consisting of 20% wool or less can be safely machine washed. But with 100% wool products, you should not do this. Before washing a cardigan, you must read the label, which always indicates all the conditions.

Machine wash for cardigan

There are several basic nuances for washing knitted items in the washing machine:

  • Use delicate mode.
  • It is not recommended to pre-soak the cardigan.
  • Large temperature differences are prohibited.
  • It is better to use liquid washing gel or special products for woollens.
  • Wringing and tumble drying are not for knitwear.
  • Things should be thrown into the drum turned inside out.

How to wash a cardigan by hand

This method, although laborious, is more suitable for knitted products. Recommendations for hand washing are:

  • The water temperature is not more than 35 degrees (also relevant for the typewriter).
  • Strong stains and soiling should be pre-washed before the general wash.
  • It is not recommended to rub the knitted item strongly.
  • At the end of washing, the item should be rinsed in cool water until the foam is removed.
  • You can squeeze out excess water by slightly pressing down on the thing with your hands. You can not twist and squeeze "dry".
  • You need to dry the cardigan on a horizontal surface so that it does not stretch.

5. How to choose a stylish women's cardigan?

Practical universal cardigans will fit in everyday life, in the office, on a walk, at a party, on a date and in other situations. This thing in the wardrobe is truly indispensable, and given the different Every fashionista will be able to choose the right option for herself with the variety of models, styles and colors.

To look spectacular, beautiful and stylish, you should pay attention to the following options:

  • Oversize. Models that are gaining popularity every season. Free, comfortable, convenient products are a great alternative to jackets, coats, windbreakers. They are combined with jeans, dresses, trousers, skirts and any shoes.
  • Mini. Their length can reach the waist or cover the hips. Mini cardigans are light and comfortable, used more often as part of a bow than outerwear. But on cool summer days, they can easily replace a windbreaker.
  • Buttoned. Classic cardigans fastened with buttons do not lose their relevance. Among the variety of models, you can choose the option with one or two rows, with large or small buttons, one or more. All of them affect the perception of the style and image as a whole: they add softness, formality, mystery and femininity.
  • In an elastic band. Laconic and at the same time very stylish and elegant products. Knitted cardigans in an elastic band are comfortable and warm, pleasant to the body. They visually stretch the silhouette, give it harmony, hide problem areas. There are models short and elongated, loose and more tight.

The relevance and trendiness of cardigans does not subside. But to say which model is the most fashionable today is rather difficult. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to build on the features of the figure and the preferred style.

Of the above models, oversized ones with buttons will look best on slender girls. Loose products will also hide the shortcomings of curvaceous figures well, and models are knitted in an elastic band - they will add harmony to the proportions. Short products can be worn by both short and tall girls - the choice depends on the combination with the bottom.

Stylish cardigans are perfect for any other clothes - strict, casual, romantic, bright. This is their versatility and attractiveness. For a capsule wardrobe, such a thing will be just a godsend. And in other cases, it will bring maximum benefit and variety.