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High boots in jockey style black
Boots leather lace-up black
Boots leather lace-up cream
Kelly boots beige
High boots in jockey style cream
Kelly Boots Cinnamon
Kelly boots milk
Kelly boots milk

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Boots Kelly black leather

Women's Shoes

Modern trends in the women's fashion world are changing rapidly, but the requirements for convenience, variety, practicality and comfort remain unchanged. This applies not only to clothing and accessories, but also to shoes. Modern women's shoes are quite diverse, these are stiletto heels and ordinary sneakers. High quality women's shoes from the manufacturer goes well with business and casual wardrobe.

If you need fashionable women's shoes, you can buy the following varieties:

  • classic shoes (Mary Jane) with a small heel, with a round toe and a strap. It was from this model that the stiletto heels and the famous "ballet shoes" arose later;
  • oxfords, derbies and brogues. These varieties came to the women's wardrobe from men. Their main feature is the type of lacing and characteristic perforation. They go well with casual and minimalist styles;
  • loafers. These slip-on shoes are available with heels or platforms. Loafers open up a new space for fashion experiments with their unusual design;
  • chelsea. These boots have rubber inserts on the sides and are ankle-high. As a rule, they do not have a heel, so they will complement a sporty or casual look;
  • moccasins. This is another example of a flat, soft sole. You can wear them in the spring-summer period, combining with dresses, shorts, jeans;
  • espadrilles. This is a great shoe for every day. Their braided sole is a recognizable feature;
  • grinders. Despite the outward rudeness, these massive boots are in demand among fashionistas;
  • slates and sandals. These are constant companions in the summer heat. Many are attracted by this women's shoes, the price for them and an extensive range of models will help you choose several models;
  • sneakers, sneakers, sneakers. Comfortable sports shoes will never go out of fashion, because they are practical, comfortable, and a variety of models will help you choose an option even under a skirt or dress.

How to choose the right shoes?

If you like stylish and beautiful women's shoes, you can order them in any boutique or store, but before that you need to choose the right one. First of all, the quality is assessed: the absence of a pronounced odor, a long service life, neat seams, a well-developed area of ​​connection between the boot and the sole, etc. If we talk about seasonality, then each shoe has its own requirements. For example, winter boots or boots should have a dense, high soles with treads that do not slip. Fur or sheepskin is used as insulation. Demi-season shoes for spring-autumn should be breathable and moisture-repellent, fit snugly to the foot, but at the same time leave room for wearing. Summer models are the lightest, most open, breathable and versatile.

A variety of materials are used for sewing women's shoes:

  1. Genuine leather is a "breathable" moisture-resistant material; shoes for all seasons are made of it. This material is unpretentious in use and is designed for a long period of use.
  2. Leatherette is an artificial analogue of natural leather. Many women of fashion like this stylish women's shoes, you can buy them at 25 Union store.
  3. Synthetic materials are the best option for the production of trekking and sports shoes. The feet do not get tired in them, while the shoes themselves remain dry due to their high breathability.
  4. Nubuck. Outwardly, it resembles suede, although in fact it is fine-fleecy leather. It is an expensive and delicate material, so many manufacturers use a synthetic substitute.
  5. Rubber is the most budgetary and practical option that is not afraid of water and dirt. Flip flops, slates, rubber boots are made of it.
  6. Textiles. Modern manufacturers make summer shoes from light hypoallergenic fabric.
  7. Suede is a soft lightweight material that attracts with a beautiful appearance, but needs special care. Natural suede shoes are one of the most expensive.

What to wear with?

Women's shoes, boots, ankle boots, boots open up ample opportunities for creating fashionable bows, they can be worn with almost any clothing and accessories. For example, male-style flat shoes are great with shorts, jeans, and trouser suits. loafers are more versatile, they can be worn under a dress or under pants. Chelsea are combined with skirts, skinny jeans. sandals, sandals and other summer shoes have no strict restrictions and can be worn with any wardrobe items. With proper care and regular cleaning, even inexpensive shoes will last more than one season, will delight you with their bright color and attractive appearance.

Do you need women's shoes? Online store 25 Union is ready to offer a wide choice!

Today, there are no difficulties with the purchase of wardrobe items, especially if you shop online. Many stores have virtual trading platforms and show rooms, to find them, you just need to enter in the search bar "women's shoes buy Ukraine". In Kharkov, the 25 Union store is in great demand. Here you can update your wardrobe without leaving home.

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