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Women's coat

For a long time, the coat has been considered a versatile and popular piece of outerwear for both men and women. It can be worn both for business meetings and for romantic walks, everyday wear, etc. Buy a stylish women's coat for any season, including summer. Classic designs can have long or short sleeves, a stand-up or turn-down collar, a round or triangular neckline. Buttons, zippers or buttons are usually used as fasteners. Additionally, a women's coat is complemented by a slot, pockets, fur, a belt, less often - decorative elements, embroidery, etc. A correctly selected model gives charm, elegance and style to its owner, moreover, a lady in a coat is a magnet for men, regardless of age.

What should I pay attention to before buying a fashionable women's coat?

Today, there are a variety of coat models on sale, which differ significantly from each other. Their color scheme is quite diverse, in addition to strict classic colors, designers actively use any shades of all the colors of the rainbow.

By style you can buy a women's coat from the manufacturer:

  • straight loose fit;
  • fitted or semi-fitted type;
  • flared to the bottom;
  • trapezoid;
  • cut "cocoon".

You can freely buy women's coats in every country, Ukraine is no exception. Before buying, it is worth considering a number of factors: how often you will wear it and for what purposes, in what transport you move, how you will take care of the thing, etc. If you are looking for outerwear for every day, then it should be practical. Tall girls can buy long models, women of average height - knee-length.

It is also worth paying special attention to the cut of the coat, its quality of fabric and seams. Quality stitches have thin threads and a consistent stitch frequency. The cut of the sleeves deserves special attention. The most optimal option is semi-raglan, they are comfortable, practical, do not hinder movements. During the fitting, you need to choose the product so that it sits well on the figure, does not pull in the chest and on the back, and does not wrinkle in various places. Double-breasted models are quite bulky, so they are not suitable for full-bodied ladies with a large bust. For tall girls, products with large lapels are suitable, but for petite women, models with a small collar and lapels are well suited. In order to order and buy a branded women's coat in Ukraine at the best price, just call our managers or place an order on the website.

What fabrics are women's coats made of?

This type of outerwear uses different fabrics, it is important that they are practical and durable. These include wool, tweed and cashmere. Models made of velor and velvet are beautiful in appearance, but they wear out faster and lose their attractiveness over time. Coats made of leather and suede are also beautiful and stylish, but over time they are rubbed, thinned and torn. Synthetic materials are practical to wear, but they do not warm well, so they should be avoided in winter.

You can order a women's coat inexpensively from other fabrics, for example, gabardine, sheepskin, nylon, jeans, cotton, wool, silk, guipure, textiles and other materials. For the lining, viscose is most often used, less often cupro. For additional decor, coats are decorated with stripes, rhinestones, laces, chains and other accessories. Many products are equipped with welt and patch pockets.

Varieties of coats that can be purchased today

Today you can buy women's coats onlineor offline. Recently, oversized outerwear has been at the peak of popularity. It will help to hide the flaws of the figure, comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday use. Ordinary demi-season models are also in demand - for autumn and spring. During these periods, it is not so cold, so you can wear practical things and look stylish at the same time. Demi-season options are short, go well with both skirts and trousers.

Spring models are lighter than autumn ones, while they will please you with lighter or brighter colors. On women's coats, the price will be the highest, as in these manufacturers add fur and insulation. Coats with a straight cut are suitable for everyday use under any clothes, but fitted models will be a great addition to an evening dress. You can choose the length and cut of the coat based on your preferences. For the winter, many women prefer long models to the floor, although for many the short coat remains the best option, in which it is easy and convenient to move around the city.

How to choose a women's coat?

Before you update your wardrobe, you need to correctly determine your body type, as well as take into account the latest fashion trends. When choosing a coat, follow these rules:

  • decide on the length of outerwear;
  • select collar type;
  • Think about the color of the product so that it matches the color of the eyes, hair, skin.

If you need to purchase a stylish women's coat, online store 25union offers to do it on favorable terms. It offers a wide selection of women's clothing for every taste. Delivery of purchases is carried out from Kharkov throughout Ukraine. On the pages of the catalog you can get acquainted with the presented models in more detail. The user-friendly interface of the site will help you quickly select and purchase a coat. If you have any difficulties with the order, you can contact a 25union consultant for help.

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1. What styles of women's coats are in fashion now?

Modern women's coats are the originality and originality of the image. And in the new season - also a non-trivial approach to the choice of materials. To call it a boring element of clothing simply does not turn the tongue. From a variety of fashionable styles, colors, decor, eyes run wide. We offer you to study which coat models are in trend today so that you can choose the option that suits you.

TOP-3 models of women's coats

Depending on seasonality, fashionable coats are made from materials such as wool, tweed, drape, cloth - for winter, and cashmere, jacquard, corduroy, suede, velvet - for the off-season. The color scheme is in no way inferior to the number of fabrics: there are both calm and bright shades. As for styles, the following main options can be distinguished:

  • The silhouette coat is a classic that never goes out of style. Fitted top, slightly flared hem give rise to a feminine, airy, sophisticated look. You can choose the actual length for girls of different heights, builds. Silhouette coats are strict and looser, with additional decor, plain and with patterns.
  • A cardigan coat is a successful combination of two wardrobe items into a single stylish, comfortable and beautiful product. Perfect for those who are tired of strict forms, heavy materials. A cardigan coat gives maximum comfort, while looking luxurious and attractive. There are a lot of variations of such clothes, most of them are intended for the off-season - non-cold weather, when you can fully show off fashionable looks.
  • The loose fit has been a hit for several seasons. Clothing that perfectly hides flaws, emphasizes dignity, attracts attention. These jacket coats are suitable for both casual style and strict, formal looks. They can be fastened with buttons or supported by a belt, strap. The length also varies, there are elongated and short options.

As for color solutions, plain products of discreet shades are in fashion - beige, cream, milky, brown, khaki, gray; classic black and white colors; bright red, purple, orange, burgundy, blue; with striped prints, plaid, ethnic patterns, embroidery.

Choose the perfect coat and enjoy beautiful looks in warmth and comfort.

2. What to wear with a coat?

You can get a perfect image only if you carefully think over its details, put together all the elements. When choosing combinations with a women's coat, you need to pay attention to its style, style, color. In addition, an important criterion is the type and features of the figure, as well as personal preferences.

The range of fashionable modern models is so wide that every fashionista can choose a coat according to her figure and style. And to it - stylish additions to create numerous images at different moments of life. In order not to get lost in the world of the fashion industry and modern trends, we offer you options for images for all occasions. All of them correspond to such properties as convenience, comfort, beauty.

So, what is the best way to combine coats of different styles?

  • Classic. Silhouette models, single or double-breasted, with a belt, collar, slightly flared hem - a must-have for every fashionista. They are made from dense fabric, suitable for winter. Products look good in combination with other elements of classic clothing. Tailored trousers, sheath dresses, suits, shirts and blouses are the perfect complement to a classic coat. Shoes are best used with heels or flats, neat, elegant, not rough.
  • Shortened. Practical and stylish products of a straight silhouette to the middle of the thigh are relevant in combination with everyday bows. Jeans, loose trousers, sweaters, sweaters, knitted dresses, skirts will help you create an organic and comfortable look in every way. Fashion is not only beauty, but also maximum convenience.
  • Elongated. The longer the coat, the more elegant and luxurious it looks. And the more thoughtful should be the general appearance of a fashionista. Ankle-length or floor-length products are the most “capricious” in terms of combinations, despite the fact that they almost completely hide the silhouette. They look chic with a classic wardrobe. Particular attention should be paid to shoes - choose spectacular leather products, over the knee boots with a sophisticated look.
  • Oversize. The most free and uninhibited option, which has practically no restrictions in creating images. It gives softness to a strict office bow, and emphasizes ease and naturalness in an urban style of clothing. Under the coat, trendy skinny jeans or straight, cropped trousers, rough-soled shoes or sports shoes are perfect.

If you love sophistication and have a special weakness for jewelry on your arms, you should take a closer look at the models of coats with ¾ sleeves. They allow you to wear beautiful long gloves, decorate your wrists with bracelets, watch mi.

The coat is a versatile piece of clothing. After studying our recommendations, creating a beautiful and stylish look with different types of coats is not difficult.

3. How to choose the right coat size?

Choosing outerwear by size is not an easy process, especially if there is no opportunity to personally try on a thing. If in everyday life you wear M-ku, this does not mean at all that the size M indicated by the coat manufacturer will suit you. How to be?

Of course, you need to focus on the size tables presented on the site. They usually indicate which measuring system is used, which body parameters correspond to one or another designation. But in addition to digital or letter marks, it is also necessary to take into account the style, material of the product, and features of the figure. If you have a large bust, a coat that fits at the shoulders may be narrow at the chest. For wide hips, products that fit perfectly on the figure at the top may not be suitable.

How to understand that the size of the coat is chosen correctly?

As soon as the opportunity to try on a thing arises, it must be done. You can determine that the size is suitable by the following signs:

  • The thing does not sit tight. Outerwear should never be tight-fitting, even if it is a silhouette fitted coat. It should also be borne in mind that in the winter season a sweater will be worn under the coat, and there should be free space between it and the coat. A thing that is too tight not only looks strange, but also warms worse.
  • The sleeves are the right length. The best indicator is considered to be a sleeve to the middle of the palm, but not shorter than the base of the thumb. In this case, even when the arm is bent, the sleeve does not become short and does not open the wrist.
  • The width of the back is not tight. This indicator can be easily checked in practice by raising your hands to the chest line and closing them in front of you. If you feel like the fabric on the back is too tight, then the size is not right. You should also avoid the reverse scenario - a coat that is too dangling, forming folds and waves.
  • Shoulders in place. In different styles, the shoulder seams can be in different places, so you should not be guided by them. An indicator that the coat is too large is frankly hanging shoulders. In this case, the whole image will take on a haggard and “unhappy” look. If the top of the sleeve is wrinkled and puffy, then the thing is definitely small.
  • The collar is loose. In winter and in the off-season, a scarf, stole, and scarf are used to protect the most delicate area. If the collar is too tight, it will not work to pry off the accessory.

Don't choose a coat a size smaller in the hope of getting a visually beautiful figure. The effect will be the opposite. Also, a product one size larger will not work - instead of a stylish and fashionable oversized, you will get an out of place looking thing "from someone else's shoulder".

4. What shoes to wear with a coat?

Competent combination of coats and shoes is worth learning. As a result, you will get dozens of stylish looks that you can compose yourself. It does not matter if at first it seems that it is very difficult to understand styles, styles and combinations. With our help, you will achieve the desired effect and conquer those around you with incredible stylish bows.

When choosing shoes for a coat, it is important to take into account not only the styles and colors of the things themselves, but also the features of the figure, height, seasonality. Modern fashion collections offer products for all occasions. They are able to satisfy the needs of fashionistas of various forms, as well as the vagaries of nature. Coats, like shoes, can be demi-season, winter, summer.

Summer coats are made from the lightest and loosest fabrics. They are radically different from all other coats, so they do not allow mixing seasonal styles. This means that summer shoes are best suited for summer coats - sandals, high-heeled shoes, in some cases - sneakers and sneakers. To create a harmonious image, shoes should either match the color of the clothes, or you need to add an additional accessory of the same color.

Coat models designed to be worn in the off-season - in spring and autumn, look good in combination with low shoes, boots, ankle boots in a classic design. This will add to the image of rigor and efficiency. To make it more relaxed and soft, you can use shoes in contrasting colors. Under a short coat there is a thick heel up to 10 cm, and under a long one - 10-15 cm. If you wear a dress or a skirt with tights, it is better to choose them in the same color as the shoes. There is another option - the coat and shoes are the same color, and the tights are one tone different.

Shoes for winter coats should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Therefore, you should not use over the knee boots with high heels, even if they are ideally combined with the length of outerwear. The boots themselves can be left with a shortened coat. For long products, on the contrary, it is worth choosing low shoes. A coat decorated with fur is desirable to combine with the same trim boots. In this case, the image will look holistic and harmonious.

5. What to wear with a cream coat?

Cream can be safely attributed to one of the most delicate and airy shades. At the same time, it is completely universal, like any color from the nude palette: it is great for everyday style, office, romantic, evening and casual looks. The possibilities of a cream coat are endless, and its good compatibility with other shades allows you to create a different mood.

There are three main shades of cream color: dark - for maximum severity and restraint, light - enveloping with warmth and light, glitter - for spectacular evening dresses.

As for compatibility, the least successful option would be a yellow-orange gamma. And to look harmonious, a coat of this color should be combined with:

  • Black and white. A classic and always win-win option: black color will add contrast, and white - tenderness and sophistication.
  • In deep dark tones. A rich palette sets off the restraint of cream and looks very impressive. Combinations with chocolate, emerald, eggplant, sapphire, marsala shades will be especially successful.
  • Pastel colors. In combination with mint, lavender, lemon, peach shades, the most delicate, light and airy look is obtained.
  • All shades of red. Maximum contrast and brightness for the most daring and self-confident ladies. This is the most spectacular and popular option, even in a blood red version, even in a muted wine, even in a defiant burgundy.
  • Green. This image breathes freshness, fullness, naturalness. A green bottom is successfully combined with a cream coat. You can also use color as a bright accent in accessories.
  • Total cream. Images sustained in the same color scheme also look advantageous. Mono bows in cream design are distinguished by warmth, restraint, elegance.