Linen dress cornflower
Dress with open back beige
Dress with a twist on the chest gray
Dress with a pattern and olive accent sleeves
Long dress with ribbed terracotta
Mini dress velor pleated white
Midi dress with flounce cream
Chunky knit dress in midi length caramel
Dress with a-line skirt light olive
Polo dress with stripes black
Pleated dress mini milk
Mini dress in elastic band caramel
Dress with ruffles mini pale yellow
One shoulder muslin dress light blue
Openwork dress in midi length olive

Womens Dresses

A good dress is one of the oldest wardrobe items. It is it that gives the female image tenderness and elegance. Nowadays in stores you can buy a fashionable dress or sew it to order from any fabric. In the wardrobe of every modern girl you can find dresses for all occasions, their main varieties - everyday, office, evening, cocktail, summer, etc. You can buy a dress for women from natural, synthetic and mixed materials. Natural products are healthier, but they need proper care and wrinkle quickly. Synthetic analogues are more practical in washing and are cheaper, but you do not need to wear them every day, because their skin does not breathe well and may start allergies.

How to choose beautiful stylish women's dresses?

Among the large assortment, you can easily get confused, because when choosing a dress, you need to take into account a number of points: style, cut, color, purpose, budget, personal preferences, etc. For example, casual or sporty cheap dresses are versatile in everyday use, but you shouldn't wear them at theaters or social events. Luxurious evening gowns can only be worn on certain occasions. They are expensive, so it is important to choose the right style, length and size. Cocktail or mini-dresses in everyday life look vulgar, so they are best left for parties and nightclubs. Office ladies' models are more practical, they can be worn not only in offices, but also for training, walks, dates, etc.

If you have decided for which occasion you want to order a dress , you should pay attention to the materials from which they are sewn:

  • if you want to look neat during a work day or leisure, then choose fabrics that hardly wrinkle;
  • if you are attracted by materials that are unpretentious in care, choose products with the addition of synthetic materials;
  • some fabrics require a delicate wash, so you need to choose the right mode to keep the garment looking like new for a long time.

Recommendations for choosing a dress by style

Before buy a dress in the online store , you need to determine your body type. This is important, because each dress can both hide figure flaws and emphasize its charms. A well-chosen cut will also demonstrate the taste and style of its mistress. Each type of female figure has its own characteristics:

  1. Circle. The problem area of ​​such a figure is the stomach, so you need to divert attention from it, emphasize the legs and stretch the silhouette. For this type of figure, straight models, dress-shirts, products with a wrap or high waist are perfect.
  2. Triangle. The owners of such a figure have wide hips and narrow shoulders, so you need to focus on the top. For such purposes, high-waisted styles, trapeze, shirt dresses are suitable.
  3. Inverted triangle. Girls with this figure have wide shoulders and a narrow bottom, so dresses with accents on the hips, for example, dress-shirts, sundresses, models with a smell, etc. will suit them.
  4. Hourglass. Girls with such a figure have almost ideal parameters, so they can wear any style. Fitted elegant models, babydoll dresses, etc. look beautiful on model figures.

Today in any country you can buy women's dresses, Ukraine is no exception. Our Ukrainian designers create real masterpieces that conquer fashion shows around the world.

Where can you buy cheap women's dresses?

To look beautiful and elegant, you do not have to spend money on expensive shopping, it is enough to buy women's dresses online, the 25union online store will help you with this. This trading platform specializes in the sale of stylish, high-quality products from young Ukrainian brands. You can make a purchase without leaving your home, for this it is enough to choose the model you like, color, style and form an application. The store's product range is constantly being updated, so you can add exclusive novelties to your wardrobe.

All products from 25union are high quality and stylish. At women's dresses, the price is at an affordable level here. Our consultants will help each girl choose dresses, skirts, shoes, accessories and other wardrobe items. All women's clothing presented on the website of our store is made from high quality materials. Our managers will issue a purchase with delivery to any city in Ukraine. Enjoy the benefits of online shopping with us!

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1. What are the most popular women's dresses in 2022?

Dresses are a universal component of a women's wardrobe that can be worn at any time of the year. Airy and light models - for summer, dense and warm - for winter. Dresses enrich the image with femininity, beauty, confidence, especially if the cut and style are chosen correctly and match the occasion.

Fashion novelties of 2022 amaze with an abundance of unusual details and colors. Everyday and business models will delight with their practicality and comfort, evening dresses made of luxurious materials and with additional elements will not go unnoticed. We invite you to analyze the trends of the season in order to know exactly what fashionable styles are worth grabbing from store shelves.

Models for special occasions

Last year we all spent together in isolation, sitting at home. And we really missed the beautiful clothes for parties and events. Therefore, this year beautiful evening dresses are in high demand and attention of fashionistas.

Chiffon maxi outfits with a flared skirt and long sleeves are the undoubted favorite. Dresses with slits, frills and frills are popular. They can be discreet plain or decorated with fittings. Silk products look impressive.

Another noticeable and stylish look is a one-shoulder dress in midi or maxi length. The color scheme can be very different - the trend is turquoise, red, orange or colorful products with abstract prints. For the summer, this option will be the perfect solution!

An A-line dress can also become an evening dress. In floor length and with a high slit, they look stylish and impressive on tall beauties. And if you gird the dress, leaving a little slouching on top, you can get a very gentle and airy look.

Casual Dresses

Not every fashionista can walk a chic evening dress, but everyone wants to look attractive and stylish. In this case, designers offer a wide range of models for every day.

The hit of the new season is light and airy models, oversized, shirt dresses made of breathable natural fabrics. They can be of different colors, with prints, curly cutouts. They make you feel comfortable and comfortable in the hot season. You can combine such dresses with flat shoes.

Another confident leader is polo models. They are as comfortable as possible, do not constrain movements, while looking original and stylish. Such outfits are relevant for casual looks, sports style.

For office wear, you can choose a silhouette dress or a model in an elastic band. A freer option - midi outfits with a pleated skirt, dresses with flounces, various frills, giving the image of tenderness, femininity and sophistication. Such dresses are presented both in summer and winter versions, which differ in the density of materials.

2. What dresses hide the belly?

Beautiful clothes can not only emphasize the dignity of the figure, but also competently hide the flaws. In particular, if you are embarrassed by a protruding belly, it is enough to choose the appropriate style of dress to look stunning and harmonious. Here are some effective visual silhouette correctors.

  • Shirt dress. It has a row of buttons and a collar like a dress shirt. Due to the free cut hides all the problem areas. Goes great with any other outfit. Can be extended or shortened.
  • Trapezoid. The style, extended to the bottom, perfectly hides the wide sides, a bulging tummy, and emphasizes the spectacular lines of the upper part. The length is most often to the knee, but there are shortened and elongated models. This dress is suitable for both everyday wear and going out.
  • High waist. The decision to "raise" the waist will emphasize the beautiful chest, and make the problematic part invisible due to the freely flowing skirt. Styles without a belt and an elastic band or with a wide belt look better. The length of the dress can be knee-length or floor-length.
  • Oversize. This is not only the style of the dress, but also the philosophy of life. Shapeless at first glance, the outfit gives complete freedom of movement, comfort, removes any clamps and complexes. In such a dress, a woman of any age will feel attractive, confident, relaxed.
  • Pleating. Neat vertical folds always lengthen the silhouette, leveling the protruding belly a little more than necessary. Pleated skirts are at the peak of popularity in any incarnation - from light summer chiffon to thick velvet.
  • Basque. Located right at the waist, it corrects the figure in two directions at once: emphasizes the waist and hides a small tummy. At the same time, the dress itself can even be tight-fitting, if the figure allows. In length, most often - to the knees.

3. What dresses suit short girls?

Small stature is not a sentence. Petite beauties have their own secrets on how to visually stretch the silhouette and look beautiful and elegant. Here are some of the most popular short sized pieces.

  • V-neck. Dresses with such a top stretch the neck. And beauties with a long neck always look taller. These can be wraparound styles, with a collar, with a deep neckline.
  • Vertical lines. Vertical cuts and prints always elongate the silhouette. Even with a little optical illusion, the figure becomes harmonious and acquires ideal proportions. For short stature, small patterns in contrasting colors are suitable.
  • Case and shirt styles. The most relevant styles for girls of short stature. The most suitable length is at or slightly below the knees. But in no case not to the middle of the calf. It is better to choose solid colors, and a belt made of the same fabric will suit the shirt.
  • High waist. A good way to draw out the silhouette. The waist line should be slightly high so that the proportions of the top and bottom are respected. Such styles will be especially relevant for owners of an “apple” figure with a weakly defined waist. They will hide the unwanted tummy.
  • Maxi length. There is an opinion that floor-length dresses look good only on tall girls, but this is not entirely true. Short beauties can also enjoy all the beauty of long dresses if they choose models whose hem even covers shoes. It can be a style with a wrap, a deep slit on the skirt, a set-in belt.

Many girls choose shoes with heels to look taller. Dress and elegant heels - the combination is as feminine and elegant as possible. But flat shoes can also add height, at least visually, the main thing is to skillfully choose the style of the outfit.

4. What colors of dresses are the most practical?

In a fashionable functional wardrobe, basic universal colors should always be present. They are suitable for most fashionistas, combined with each other and with other shades, relevant in all styles - official, evening and everyday. These colors include:

  • beige;
  • white;
  • black;
  • green;
  • grey;
  • blue.

We offer to analyze the features of each color so that you can choose the most relevant option for yourself.

Beige dresses will suit absolutely any fashionista due to the huge variety of their shades. Cream, milky, caramel, sandy - they all belong to beige. For the similarity with the color of human skin, they have earned a special place in the overall palette. Such outfits can look quite provocative or restrained, spectacular or sophisticated, depending on the style, details, combinations with other shades.

White is always associated with purity, freshness, elegance, aristocracy. No wonder wedding dresses are sewn predominantly in white. In office style, white is one of the must-have shades. Not everyone likes to wear such things because of their soiledness, but the color itself rarely causes rejection.

Black dresses are out of fashion and time. They are always relevant, for any reason, at any time of the year and day, they go well with absolutely any other shades, creating restrained or relaxed images. This color is not only very practical and not easily soiled, but also has the ability to slim. Therefore, fashionistas who want to visually hide figure flaws choose black outfits.

Green is an interesting alternative to dark tones. Refreshing, warm, beautiful, it looks advantageous on almost every fashionista. Everything is decided by the selection of the optimal shade and style of the dress. Green is spring, the birth of a new life, harmony and confidence. To dilute the monotony, brown, beige, white, yellow, gray things or accessories are recommended.

Gray is no longer associated with dullness and boredom. It is the color of stability, prosperity, self-confidence. It is relevant both in a business wardrobe and everyday. Light gray shades have the effect of visually expanding the figure, so you should not choose loose plain dresses for curvy women. But dark gray is ideal for all fashionistas.

Blue is subconsciously perceived as a symbol of purity, deep calmness, harmony due to associations with the color of the sea and sky. The presence of blue dresses in the basic wardrobe characterizes beautiful ladies as refined and noble natures. Since blue belongs to cold tones, it is recommended to dilute it with bright shades or white in order not to plunge into excessive melancholy.

5. Knitted dress: what is it and how to wear them?

The coming cold pushes light and airy dresses to the far shelves, but they are replaced by no less feminine and beautiful knitted dresses. This season, they are relevant and diverse as never before. The versatility of the models brings them to the fore among all other fashion trends. Every fashionista can wear knitted things, regardless of figure, build, height, age and event. The main thing is to choose the right style and a good combination with other items of clothing and accessories.

Office outfit

In the absence of a dress code at work, you can not limit yourself in choosing a knitted outfit. But even if you have strict limits, knitted fashionable dresses may well fit into them, replacing a boring and monotonous suit. For a business bow, the following options are suitable:

  • Concise cut with long sleeves, stand-up collar, massive yoke or boat neckline. The color scheme is restrained, monophonic. You can decorate the image with a brooch or pendant.
  • Model with a short sleeve that can be worn with a turtleneck in a contrasting color. Emphasized with an elegant belt. This outfit is suitable for those who do not adhere to strict rules in office clothes.

The lower the length of the dress, the wider the belt can be. The larger the knitting and the more massive the ornaments, the larger the accessories should be. Otherwise, they run the risk of "getting lost" against the background of knitted patterns.

Holiday options

Knitted stylish dresses can safely become part of the evening look. Complemented with lace, openwork inserts, embroideries, sequins, they take on a completely different look. A long model of a tight-fitting silhouette, complemented by heeled boots, will look sophisticated and stylish. Semi-loose styles of midi length can also become a real highlight of the program, drawing attention to girls of any build.

For everyday life

The possibilities of combination and variety of styles make knitted fashionable dresses appropriate in any conditions. For everyday wear, you can use the following styles:

  • Tunics. Warm, comfortable and comfortable. Perfectly warm and look elegant, feminine. With tunics, you can wear leggings, leggings or even jeans. A turtleneck or golf is worn under models with short sleeves.
  • Sheath dresses. They look gentle, emphasize all the graceful lines of the silhouette. Such models are available with a high neck or a rounded neckline - both options look beautiful and stylish on the corresponding figures.