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Women's Shirts

In the wardrobe of every fashionista, a shirt is an indisputable must-have element. Taken from a massive male shoulder, she transformed a little into more elegant and sophisticated clothes, and took her pedestal on the female fashion Olympus. Today it is part of not only a business outfit, but also a romantic, casual, festive, street and even sports set. There are a lot of styles and models of shirts. In the 25 UNION online store there are women's shirts, the price of which will allow you to choose several optimal models for refreshing and decorating any look.

Fashion trends in women's shirts

Comfort combined with elegance has not gone out of trend for several seasons. This can be traced in the collections of women's shirts - their natural severity is combined with maximum convenience, and solemnity - with slight negligence. Such combinations give rise to a lot of interesting and unusual images that conquer the world catwalks. What shirts are worthy of representing women's fashion today, we invite you to find out further.

  • Classic. Straight fit, starched collar, cuffs on sleeves - this style has been the main element of business looks for many years. Its relevance is obvious. If you have a strict dress code at work, you can't do without a classic shirt. It can be white or dark colors, combined with trousers or pencil skirts.
  • White. A separate category is white women's shirts, buy Ukraine which can be used for strict and free sets. They will look great in combination with a suit and jeans, skirts and shorts, tucked down and as outerwear on a cool day. The soiled white color does not make it less popular, because it festively adorns any other shade.
  • Oversized. The so-called shirts taken from beloved men also do not lose their relevance. Loose and lightweight, they fit perfectly into your everyday wardrobe. You can combine such models with vests, cardigans, trousers, skirts, overalls, jeans, jackets and other clothes. Such shirts are usually worn outside. They may look a little casual, but they are always showy and bold.
  • Denim. Denim women's shirts online store 25 UNION could not ignore it. After all, this is the real trend of the current season. Denim fashion returns in the form of mono-images and various combinations of denim with other materials and colors. Denim models are great for everyday bows, they look great in grunge, sport chic, street style. The appearance of a denim shirt in the wardrobe guarantees an endless number of stylish combinations.
  • Dress shirts. Elongated models that can be worn as dresses are great for hot weather. They are made of light natural materials, comfortable to wear, practical and beautiful. Of the styles, fitted products with a belt, loose fit, asymmetry, voluminous sleeves are relevant, and for the most daring and irresistible - lowered shoulders, open parts of the silhouette.

Current color palette

A shirt is a universal and all-season thing, therefore, for greater compatibility, you should choose basic restrained tones - white, beige, black, blue, strict dark shades. But if you want something bright and unusual, you can buy fashionable women's shirts in the most unexpected colors and prints. These are both monochromatic juicy colors and expressive prints: stripes, checks are more relevant than ever, floral prints emphasize femininity, peas are timeless classics.

It should be remembered that color and decor can visually correct any shape, and it is desirable that they move in the right direction. For curvaceous forms, a large print is required, because small will make the figure even more voluminous. But for small inches - a small print, so as not to "drown" in its sweeping "waves".

The geometry of the print is no less important. To do this, you should carefully study the facial features: smooth lines on the face require the same soft and fluid print in clothes, and sharp and sharpened forms - strict geometric shapes. When choosing shirts, this principle is especially important, since they are in close proximity to the face.

Online shop of women's shirts

It is impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of wearing beautiful and high-quality clothes. Our online store knows this better than anyone else. At 25 UNION you will find everything you need to create unique looks for all occasions. The assortment of shirts of the domestic brand is simply amazing. Just take a look at the catalog: all models are fashionable and current.

You can place an order and purchase several new outfits in a few minutes. Choose your favorite products of the desired size, add to the Cart and fill out the application. We will contact you as soon as possible to clarify the details and details of the order. Women's shirts can be ordered by women of fashion from all over Ukraine. We deliver purchases within 1-3 days to any city.

At 25 UNION, non-trivial design solutions are waiting for you within the framework of existing fashion. Choose how to decorate your wardrobe and place your order soon!

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