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Sweater with a high neck caramel
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Sweater jacquard with a pattern beige
Free-cut sweater with slits cream
Chunky knit sweater chocolate

Women's sweaters

The thermometer crept down, which means only one thing - it's time to warm up. In order not to freeze in severe frosts, one good sweater is enough. This versatile thing diversifies any wardrobe, it can be worn "both in a feast and in the world": in addition to its warming properties, it is also good in appearance.

Favorable buy women's sweater Ukraine in the online store 25 UNION. Our designers create collections that captivate with their grace, elegance, quality and comfort. With us, you do not have to choose between a beautiful and warm sweater, both of these properties are fully reflected in each model. We invite you to get acquainted with the current collection of the company and choose a suitable sweater for yourself in this section of the catalog.

Features of sweaters for different figures

Women's Sweaters are affordable, so you can purchase several models at once to create fashionable and stylish winter looks. But before placing an order, it is worth a little study of the properties and characteristics of different models. The presented styles can sit differently on the figures, so it is so important to find exactly your model. Wearing a sweater that emphasizes your dignity, you will feel comfortable and look stunning.

So, the main task is to buy a fashionable women's sweater according to body type. You can hide wide hips with sweaters that are longer than the pelvic line. They can be with short sleeves, a collar-collar and other elements that attract attention to the top. It is better to avoid hip-length products, they will only focus on problem areas.

For those with wide shoulders women's sweaters online store offers elongated styles, free at the bottom. The simpler the cut, the better it will look. Additional features that will harmonize the silhouette - V-neckline, vertical stripes, thick fabric. It is better to avoid models with a voluminous top, decor and prints on the top of the product.

To visually hide a protruding tummy, models up to the middle of the thigh with a free belt, an asymmetric bottom will help. Slightly flared sweaters will look good. Tight-fitting styles should be avoided, and besides them - horizontal lines, oval prints, short lengths.

To add extra volume to the upper part, you can order a women's sweater in large knit, with bright prints. Wrap styles with a high neck or a shallow U-neck will visually increase the bust.

Sweater selection factors in 25 UNION

You will find the most fashionable styles of sweaters for the next season in the 25 UNION catalog! You are waiting for products of large and small knitting, from dense and light materials, tight-fitting and oversized, monochrome and multi-colored. Before buying a beautiful women's sweater, you should decide on the material, because it determines the characteristics of heat and strength of the product. Among the sought-after and popular models:

  • Woolen. Natural wool perfectly resists cold, provides good ventilation, looks beautiful in knitted patterns. Sweaters are quite durable, but have their own peculiarities in care.
  • Cashmere. Very soft to the touch, pleasant to the body, well warming cashmere sweaters are the dream of many fashionistas. They sit exactly on the figure, do not add extra volume. The price for beauty and warmth is the high requirements for the care of the material. Cashmere is capricious and requires a delicate approach.
  • Angora. If you want a thin and warm buy a women's sweater - this is about angora. Graceful, elegant, beautiful and delicate material looks very impressive, gives the desired warmth. Among the disadvantages is that the material rolls quickly, especially in areas that are most subject to friction and pressure.
  • Synthetic. Models made of acrylic, polyamide, viscose are popular. Synthetics do not have such good warming properties as natural fabrics. Its main advantage is wear resistance. Acrylic sweaters can be worn for several seasons, and they will remain as beautiful and new as on the first day.

In the 25 UNION online store you can buy a stylish women's sweater from a combination of materials. Wool and acrylic are used to create warm, strong and durable products for all occasions.

In addition to the material, you should also pay attention to the length, neckline, cut. Each of these details significantly affects the appearance and image. There are many neck options. Each fashionista will be able to choose the option that is relevant for herself among all possible:

  • V-shaped;
  • round;
  • asymmetrical;
  • boat;
  • collar;
  • resistant;
  • with lapel.

You can buy a dressy women's sweater of any of these types. The main thing is to choose a suitable option for yourself that you like outwardly and fits the image.

Sweaters from the 25 UNION collections are shortened, elongated, standard in length. And in terms of cut - voluminous and tight-fitting. If you want to purchase a free model to hide figure flaws, it is worth remembering that they can, on the contrary, thicken the figure. Sometimes it is better to purchase a fitted model that will emphasize all the advantages.

Order stylish sweaters online

The range of sweater models in the 25 UNION online store will allow you to create a lot of spectacular bows for the winter. In order to buy a women's sweater from the manufacturer, just select a product and size, add it to the Cart, fill out an application.

If you have additional questions about the quality, composition, size or other points, please call the numbers indicated on the website. We deliver fashionable clothes throughout Ukraine.

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1. What sweaters are in fashion this season?

A warm and cozy sweater will always warm you even in the worst weather. Since this element of clothing is always present in the women's wardrobe, designers are actively experimenting with models to make them not only practical, but also beautiful. Modern sweaters can easily become bright accents or even the main elements of a stylish winter look. The main thing, as before, is to choose the style, color, model that is relevant for you.

The upcoming season is generous with a variety of color combinations: both the calm colors of pastel colors and the colorful rich palette - orange, yellow, blue, green-red tones are in fashion. Models with prints are also relevant: some combinations will become unexpected novelties, others have been trending for more than a year, and still others are well-forgotten old ones that are gaining popularity again.

Fashionable sweaters by body type

The task of fashionable clothes is to emphasize the advantages of the owner and hide her shortcomings as much as possible. And sweaters are no exception. The same model can sit beautifully on one figure and spoil another. To prevent this from happening, here is a short guide on the compatibility of styles and silhouettes.

  • There are practically no restrictions for an hourglass. If you have harmonious shoulders and hips with a well-defined waist, no sweater will be a forbidden fruit. Loose oversized models and fitted sweaters, with a V-neck and a high neck, elongated and shortened - the range of experiments is very wide and varied.
  • Rectangles should consider adding some feminine curves and smooth lines to the same shoulders, hips and waist. Free models of sweaters, emphasized by a belt at the waist, will help to do this.
  • The "triangles" should do everything to add more volume to the top, and take away the attention from the bottom. For narrow shoulders and wide hips, products with a decor in the upper part, covering the waist along the length, will be an excellent option. It is better to choose light shades of sweaters.
  • Sweaters with a straight cut, with a V-neck are suitable for owners of an "apple" figure. They visually hide the protruding tummy, create the appearance of a harmonious silhouette.
  • To harmonize "inverted triangles" with broad shoulders and narrow hips, you should look at asymmetrical models of sweaters, models with deep cutouts, elongated products. Accents in prints or decor should fall on the bottom. Thus, it will be possible to balance the silhouette.

In addition to focusing on the type of figure, when choosing a fashionable stylish winter sweater, other characteristics should be taken into account, such as the material and its density, the shape of the collar, patterns and ornaments, the shape of the sleeves.

Using the fruits of fashion is wise. First of all, it is important to consider your own needs and forms. Fortunately, modern solutions can offer a fashionable and harmonious sweater for all occasions.

2. What to wear with sweaters?

No winter season is complete without cozy sweaters. This is such a versatile thing that it is not difficult to come up with a cool and stylish look with it. The sweater goes with everything. The most relevant options:

  • Shirt. Wearing a sweater over a shirt so that the collar is visible is a timeless classic. The shirt can be in a contrasting color, white or slightly lighter than the sweater itself.
  • Skirt. Oversized models, massive and dense, are suitable for a long skirt. With a short one, light-fitting sweaters tucked inside are better combined. A cozy knitted sweater looks bright with a tulle fluffy skirt.
  • Jeans. Always up to date. Volumetric styles will suit both skinny and mom jeans. In combination with shoes with heels, the look will look elegant, and on a flat move - free.
  • Vest. Perfect to freshen up your favorite sweater. Fur, denim, leather vests go well with warm and soft sweaters. They can be used as outerwear for not very cold weather.
  • Belt. A small detail that can radically transform the appearance, create a harmonious silhouette. It is better to gird a sweater according to the figure with a thin belt, and a massive oversized one with a wide one.
  • Long dress. In combination with a sweater, it creates an incredibly charismatic look. And yet - comfortable and convenient for all occasions. For a relaxed bow, a free elongated style over a floor-length dress is suitable, and for a more romantic look, a fitted version is shorter.
  • Treads. Long sweaters with massive patterns, coarse knit can be worn as a tunic with tights and high boots. Such images always look attractive, seductive and, at the same time, do not allow yourself anything superfluous.

3. What is an oversized sweater?

Oversized clothing has not left the fashion pedestals for several seasons. These are things that provide maximum comfort, coziness, and, at the same time, remain stylish and look luxurious on a variety of figures. It's a paradox, but baggy sweaters are designed not to hide all the charms of the figure, but to emphasize them without sacrificing comfort.

Clothes that visually look 2-3 sizes larger than usual, we inherited from the grunge of the 80s, and over time transformed into a separate style. Oversized is not just an ordinary thing not of its size, it has a unique cut and proportions. Cozy free-cut women's sweaters are made using technologies that provide for a deliberate increase in such details as the collar, belt, sleeves, back, pockets.

Who can wear oversize?

Even if the sweater looks like a potato sack, it wonderfully emphasizes the figure of slim and graceful girls. Due to the play on contrasts, oversized on slender figures looks charming.

The question of whether such a sweater can hide the flaws of curvy ladies remains one of the most discussed in the fashion world. On the one hand, free-cut things perfectly hide the protruding sides, tummy, full arms, and on the other hand, they add volume and bulkiness.

Owners of a magnificent bust should choose oversized with caution. There are risks to visually enlarge the breast even more. However, for an inverted triangle figure, a loose cut will be a real salvation and will help balance the figure.

There are no age restrictions for such sweaters. Young people will suit a bright and dark palette, while more mature ladies should pay attention to light shades.

What goes with an oversized sweater?

A harmonious image, including a voluminous thing, is compiled according to the principle of minimalism. To avoid oversaturation, you should not combine several baggy things in one set. An oversized sweater will look good with fitted pants. The exception is voluminous boyfriend jeans, which are relevant with any top.

In addition to trousers, voluminous items are also worn with skirts. The style can be any - sun, pencil, semi-sun, pleated, to the floor. The main thing is to choose what you like and corresponds to your age, preferences, figure.

Oversized sweaters are perfect for elegant high heels and brutal boots. Whatever style you dress in, there will always be a place for a free-cut product.

It is better to mix things with shapeless sweaters not by colors, but by the texture of the fabric. Products from soft "fluffy" angora will be perfectly combined with knitted leggings, sweaters with pigtails - with lace dresses, skirts, asymmetric models - with short shorts. If you wear a strict shirt under a sweater, you get a discreet office bow.

4. How to wash sweaters from different fabrics?

Despite its massiveness and monumentality, a sweater is a product that is quite delicate in washing. Incorrect processing can cause the item to stretch or shrink and damage the fibers. After such incidents, it is difficult to bring it back to normal, so the best solution is to prevent deformations. How to do it with sweaters from different materials, we will tell further.

General rules for washing sweaters look like this:

  • Wash from the wrong side to avoid damaging the look of the patterns.
  • You can only soak for a short time, otherwise the thing will deteriorate.
  • It is not recommended to twist sweaters by hand, as this can damage the structure of the fabric.
  • It is best not to use harsh chemicals, even for stubborn stains.
  • Water temperature for washing should be medium. Sweaters do not tolerate hot or cold water equally well.

And now we will tell you how to wash products from different fabrics.

Woolen products with a wool content of more than 50% are best washed by hand in a small amount of water. If the wool is less than half, the washing machine can also cope with the task. But the heating temperature should be chosen the minimum - 30 degrees.

Acrylic sweaters are stronger and can easily withstand washing in a washing machine under normal conditions. Any cleaning products, including active chemicals, can be used with acrylic. The only limitation is high temperatures, as the product can stretch from them. It is desirable to dry such a sweater in a horizontal position to also avoid stretching.

Cashmere items are not only incredibly warm, beautiful and pleasant to the body, but also very capricious in care. It is desirable to wash cashmere by hand, so it will retain its spectacular and attractive appearance for a longer time. Another option is dry cleaning, after which it must be unpacked immediately.

5. What is the difference between a sweater and a sweatshirt?

In the modern fashionable world, a simple and understandable name for a jacket hides many other names - complex and incomprehensible. What are all these mysterious raglans, pullovers, jumpers, long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters? Let's try to deal with the last two. According to observations, they are the most frequently used.

A sweater is the most common item in every person's winter wardrobe. He appears It is a product without fasteners, buttons and zippers, which is worn over the head. Classic sweaters have a high collar - straight, single, with a collar, and long sleeves. Due to the use of dense materials - wool, viscose, acrylic, cotton, the sweater looks somewhat massive and bulky.

Initially, sweaters were used as clothing for weight loss. In the 19th century, doctors recommended wearing a warm knit for those who wanted to burn off a few extra pounds by sweating. Translated from English to sweat - that's what it means to sweat. Later, the benefits of clothing were appreciated by sailors, the military, and winter sports athletes. The sweater became a part of the women's wardrobe with a light supply by Coco Chanel in the middle of the 20th century.

The sweatshirt differs from the sweater in having a semi-circular neckline, cuffs, a loose fit and a more sporty look. The sweatshirts also do not have zippers or a hood. They are made of dense knitwear, can be insulated with fleece. Often sweatshirts are decorated with prints, patterns, ornaments, embroideries, various logos.

This item of clothing appeared thanks to the manufacturer of women's underwear in America in the last century. He invented a cotton sweatshirt for sports, and for a long time many Americans perceived the sweatshirt in this way. Later, he moved from sportswear to everyday wardrobe.