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Top with cream ribbons
Cream long sleeve t-shirt
Top with a split black
Top openwork beige
Top short lime
Top short lime

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Mini top tank top gray
Violet Long Sleeve Top
Top crop longsleeve caramel
T-shirt light cream
T-shirt openwork with ties pink
One shoulder top black
T-shirt-top caramel
Top with terracotta tape
Top crop top long sleeve light olive
Crop top long sleeve cornflower blue

Women's Tops

Beauty lies in simplicity. And the laconic women's top demonstrates this in the best possible way. It is truly versatile and looks equally harmonious in business and street style, in a romantic look and on the sports ground. In the online store 25 UNION Ukraine can buy women's tops in a wide range. Affordable cost and a variety of models will allow every fashionista to purchase a suitable option or even several. After all, there are never too many beautiful clothes!

Fashion for tops came to us relatively recently. For the first time, a bold solution with a half-naked press was proposed by French couturier Madeleine Vionne in 1932. A breathtaking dress with very revealing cutouts in the abdomen appeared in her collection. In the 1950s. the designers risked completely separating the top from the bottom, leaving a thin strip of the body open, and after another decade, the last covers of "decency" were torn off from this delicate part of the body. Everyone began to walk in short tops with a bare navel. And even more so today, when freedom and openness are in the first place, women's tops can be ordered by every fashionista.

Varieties of fashionable tops

Modern designers offer a variety of tops styles to make it easier to choose the option that suits your figure and tastes. Among the most relevant models are:

  • Bando. Cropped strapless model that is held to the body due to the elastic properties of the material. It fits snugly around the silhouette, showing all the zesty curves and lines. Some models use a shoulder strap for improved attachment. Buy a female top in the form of a bandeau is relevant for a beach holiday, street style.
  • Bustier. Depending on the materials used, it can be worn as underwear or as a regular top. The classic bustier reaches the waist area, is fastened on two straps, perfectly supports the chest and does not cause any discomfort when worn.
  • Crop top. A cropped model, the length of which does not reach the navel. At the same time, the crop style can have thin straps, short or even long sleeves. This is an option that is relevant on hot summer days or in a spicy setting. It does not look vulgar and defiant, but undoubtedly carries with it a trail of easy sex appeal and understatement.
  • Singlet. Such women's tops online store offers for all occasions. You can go to work in them, if you put on a strict jacket on top, and also feel comfortable on a walk, party, or rest. The style can have thin or thick straps, square, semicircular or triangular neckline. The singlet is free and comfortable, does not hinder movement.
  • Tank top. It is a long T-shirt with thin straps. It can be tight-fitting or semi-loose, from jersey or light summer materials. On a hot summer day, there is nothing like a stylish base tank jersey, and when the cold weather sets in, it will play an important role in ensuring layering.
  • Asymmetric. An unconditional trend for several seasons. The most popular asymmetry is the one-shoulder tops. They look very impressive, with a subtle note of carelessness and piquancy. Asymmetric women's tops - the price of increased attention, and you should be prepared for this by choosing similar styles.
  • Halter. Model with a harness thrown over the neck and completely naked back down to the shoulder blades. In combination with jackets and shirts, it can even become an excellent option for the office, and in itself looks very impressive in evening dresses and a loose casual style.
  • Sports. Everything is simple here. Tops that came into fashion at the beginning of the 2000s in the wake of the popularization of aerobics remain in trend. These are form-fitting cropped models made from elastic synthetic materials that do an excellent job of wicking moisture away. It is convenient to practice in such tops, they do not restrict movement and do not distract from the workout.

The brand 25 UNION, when creating its own collections, adheres to the maximum variety, which allows you to choose fashionable clothes for any figure. We are inspired by fashion trends and naturalness, which can be clearly seen in the lineup of clothing.

Femininity and practicality

These two qualities have been in the first place for several seasons. That is why the designers of 25 UNION pay so much attention to the decorative elements of tops. Femininity is beautifully emphasized with the help of special materials - silk, chiffon, satin. Bows, laces, ruffles, inserts from translucent materials, romantic prints also come to the rescue. All this does not negatively affect the convenience and practicality, therefore fashionable women's tops to buy prefers more and more beautiful ladies of all ages and social statuses.

Since the topic is perhaps the most "companionable" type of clothing, it is easy to find application in absolutely any wardrobe. It can be easily combined with business trousers and loose skirts, formal suits and casual overalls, informal jeans and sports joggers. Some tops even look spectacular with dresses, while others perfectly complement the warming layering as a bottom layer. A smart top can be a simultaneous alternative to an office blouse, evening dress, unisex T-shirt.

Order Women's Tops Online

Having studied a brief educational program and familiarized yourself with our catalog, you can easily choose a model that is right for you. All products presented in the assortment are exclusive work created by the team of the domestic brand 25 UNION. Our collections are full of naturalness and naturalness, femininity and sophistication.

To place an order online, just select your size using the provided dimensional grid, and send the product to the Cart. If you have any difficulties with determining the size or have questions about the material, style, quality and other points, call the phones indicated on the website. Our managers will provide all the information you need.

We work throughout Ukraine. Stylish women's tops are inexpensive and will quickly reach you in any city. Hurry up to order a new thing and create new amazing looks with quality clothes from 25 UNION.

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