Caramel straight midi skirt
Diamond mini skirt Olive + Beige
Diamond mini skirt Green + Jeans
Mini skirt made of dense jersey cream
Cinnamon A-line mini skirt
Pencil skirt cream
Pleated skirt mini lavender
Tennis style skirt milk
Skirt ruffle maxi lavender
Ripple midi skirt lemon
Maxi cappuccino pleated skirt
Skirt bell powder
Milk straight midi skirt
Olive straight midi skirt
Pleated skirt with slit cornflower blue

Ladies Skirts

Many modern women wear clothes that are comfortable and practical for everyday use. These often include jeans, trousers, tracksuits, they will not add to a woman the elegance and charm that a skirt gives. Every woman has several models of skirts in her wardrobe that differ in style, length, color, material, etc. Women should thank Mademoiselle Coco for the opportunity to wear skirts, because she introduced not only a little black dress into fashion, but also many other things and accessories. She freed women from corsets, lush long trains and made women's skirts an integral part of their everyday wardrobe.

Women's skirts can be of various types, and each variety has its own individuality and sophistication inherent only to it. For example, a tight pencil skirt turns every fashionista into a strict business lady. A long skirt with flowing pleats is the perfect complement to a romantic look for an evening party or date, while a playful short skirt above the knee will make the look more cute and flirty. Women's skirts are quite varied, so every fashionista will find an option based on her budget.

Features and varieties of skirts

Today ordering women's skirts is not a problem, it is important to choose the right size and model that will hide the problem areas of the figure and emphasize its dignity. Fashionable women's skirts find their fans regardless of age, status, style and personal preferences. In numerous boutiques you can inexpensive women's skirts of different lengths, styles, shapes. The length of the skirt is divided into:

  • mini - their maximum length is 10-15 cm above the knee;
  • midi - reaches the knees;
  • maxi - the longest skirt to the floor.

You can also pick up unusual abstract models that combine 2-3 lengths. Based on the shape of the skirts, they are divided into narrow, straight, tapered, there are also pencil skirts, pleated skirts, tulip skirts, wrap-around skirts, skirts-shorts, etc. ), linen (light and breathable, spring or summer models are sewn from such material), velvet (such models create harmonious images in the demi-season), jacquard (look stylish and strict), stretch fabrics (help to slightly correct the figure, these include jeans, viscose and satin).

Peculiarities of choosing a skirt depending on the type of figure

The figures of petite and full, short and tall girls have their own characteristics, so the skirts for them will be different. Below are the recommendations for choosing:

  1. Universal models for any shape. Such products have a universal cut and cut that will accentuate the waist, hide full or overly thin hips. Such models include a-line skirts, a bell or a midi-length balloon. Both neutral and brighter colors of skirts look beautiful, here you should already take into account combinations with shoes and other wardrobe items
  2. Skirts for puffy ladies. Overweight girls of average height need to choose the right not only length, but also the color of the skirt. Classic patterns of medium length, decorated with a diagonal check, are well suited - such a print will visually make the legs and hips slimmer, and will also not draw too much attention to problem areas.
  3. Models for thin girls. If a girl does not have curvaceous forms, then a tulip skirt will suit her, which will make her hips more voluminous, emphasize a thin waist and slender legs. You can also choose a leather mini-skirt, this model looks great on petite young ladies.

The prices for the listed models are quite affordable, so you can buy several products at once. Short girls need to give up the length of maxi, trapeze and fluffy skirts, it is better to give preference to models just above the knee. Skirts of any length and style are suitable for tall, slender girls. If the skirt adds volume, then the top should be more fitted and strict. Conversely, slim pencil skirts or straight-cut models can be paired with baggy blouses or shirts.

Where can you buy a beautiful women's skirt?

Buying a skirt is a responsible task, especially if it happens online. The correctness of the choice will determine how comfortable and confident you will feel in the new thing. Today you can without leaving home buy women's skirts, Ukraine boasts numerous online boutiques and women's clothing stores. In them you can buy high-quality models made of dense materials that do not wrinkle and do not allow the skirt to lose its shape or fade. This includes our online store 25 Union. Here are high-quality branded products Ukrainian production. To place an order, contact our managers by phone and expect a purchase with delivery to your city. If you need to purchase women's skirts, online store 25 Union will help you! In addition to skirts, our catalog contains a wide selection of stylish women's clothing.

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