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Vest with colored cuffs Gray + Green
Vest mini diamond pattern Green + Jeans
Vest tunic blue
Vest tunic blue

1050 uah

Knitted vest with milk collar
Vest with colored cuffs Caramel + Milk
Vest with colored cuffs Milk + Caramel
Mini vest in diamond pattern Jeans + Lemon
Vest mini in diamond pattern Olive + Beige
Vest tunic cream
Vest tunic cream

1050 uah

Vest tunic gray
Vest tunic gray

1050 uah

Mini vest in diamond pattern Oliva + Lemon
Knitted vest with caramel collar

Women's Vests

There are elements of clothing, the presence of which in the wardrobe is not at all necessary. It is quite possible to do without them, but why, if together with them it is much more interesting and cooler? These things include women's vests, which have grown in price and in importance in recent seasons. If earlier the vest could only be found as part of a three-piece suit, today it is able to decorate and complete any look.

Fashionable vests have become a great alternative to jackets, capes, sweaters and have taken their honorable niche among outerwear. Today, a spectacular vest can be added to a set in a business, sports, casual, street, elegant style. Due to the difference in materials, styles, textures, you can choose women's vests online shop for any season: from light summer models to insulated ones for the winter.

If you are looking for a beautiful and stylish vest at an affordable price, welcome to the 25 UNION online store. We have made sure that you can not only buy the clothes you like, but make full-fledged images from beautiful, high-quality, practical things. The vests presented in our collections will successfully fit into a variety of "bows" and will make you irresistible!

Actual vests by body type

It is important to buy things, focusing not only on your own tastes, but also on your physique. Only in this case Ukraine women's vest will be able to buy one that will decorate the figure.

  • Short or long models, mostly straight cut, are suitable for "rectangles".
  • It's better for "apples" to abandon fitted waist-length models and replace them with a trapezoidal or straight element.
  • Hips are a problem area for "pears", so products with a voluminous shoulder line or decorative overlays on the upper part are suitable for them.
  • In an inverted triangle wardrobe, a vest is a must-have item, as this element of clothing perfectly visually reduces the shoulders.
  • An hourglass with a chiseled figure can draw attention to fitted products, they will perfectly emphasize ideal proportions.

For undersized beauties, long models are not suitable, in which "thumbs" will simply "sink". The shorter, the more harmonious. Fortunately, modern fashion is replete with products to the waist or just below. Elongated things will emphasize high growth and look harmonious.

Owners of magnificent forms should be careful with voluminous textures. It is advisable to abandon coarse knit models, with a pile, protruding pockets and an abundance of other volumetric elements. In order to order and buy a knitted women's vest at the best price, just call our managers or place an order on the website.

What styles of vests are relevant in the fashion world

Modern fashion is multifaceted and practically has no prohibitions. Style boundaries are very blurred, which allows you to create the most non-trivial images. What modern designers use. Among the favorites of fashion collections are the following vests:

  • Classic. Sewn by analogy with costume models. But they can be perfectly combined with everyday, street, classic, business and even sports style.
  • Knitted. Cozy and comfortable from a dense uniform fabric or openwork. They are a real decoration of images in any style.
  • Fur. Luxurious models for luxurious ladies.
  • Denim. Total denim "bow" is very popular and a vest can be its finishing touch.
  • Insulated. Stylish winter vests are a good substitute for outerwear.

If you want to buy a stylish women's vest, we recommend that you take a closer look at the presented styles.

What to wear?

A wide variety of products makes the choice somewhat difficult, but at the same time, it allows every fashionista to choose exactly the thing that is perfect for the desired image. We offer you some relevant recommendations that will help you decide and create a spectacular image, and maybe not just one.

  • Strict office models should be worn with simple golfs or shirts. The abundance of jewelry and decor in a business set is not at all welcome.
  • Corsage vests are suitable for a top with a neckline. You should not hide the most attractive part of the body under the vest.
  • Tight skirts and trousers are great companions for vests. Images with them are stylish, neat and truly delightful.

In general, thanks to the democratic approach to making "bows", you can choose any component for a vest and use it to make an effective, elegant, comfortable look. We can always buy a stylish, fashionable women's vest in Ukraine, the price of which is the most loyal on the market.

Order women's vests online!

Knitted women's vests, the price of which is the most affordable on the market among branded Ukrainian manufacturers, can be ordered in just 2 clicks! In the online store 25 UNION you will find interesting and practical models of vests for all occasions. After reviewing the catalog, you are sure to find things that you want to buy. You can do this through the Shopping Cart or by phone.

Do you have any questions about size, composition, characteristics? Call us right now for complete information. Here you can buy a beautiful women's vest with delivery throughout Ukraine.

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1. Which women's vests are in fashion now?

This season's trends include spectacular vests designed in a variety of styles. They are able to decorate and refresh absolutely any image. Due to their versatility and practicality, the products are firmly established in the wardrobes of modern fashionistas. If you want to know what styles and shapes of vests will make you the star of street style or casual style, welcome to our short review!

Vests in the modern fashion industry have significantly expanded their influence. Today it is not just an addition to a shirt in a three-piece suit, but also an independent element of clothing that can radically change the mood of the image. Fashion trends demonstrate unusual ideas for cutting, combining materials, various finishes and decor. The collections include products made of fur, denim, leather, suede. Knitwear plays a special role. Having emerged from years of oblivion, they have been gaining momentum for several years, and are not going to give up their palm to anyone.

Why are knitted vests so popular?

The appearance of knitted vests on the catwalks at first surprised and discouraged the public. By that time, there were already a lot of other items of clothing that completely covered the needs of fashionistas for comfort, warmth and convenience. Cozy knitted vests were hidden in grandmother's closets. And then just as quickly they got it back. Today, the popularity of knitted things is huge. There are several reasons for this:

  • Convenience. It is difficult to come up with more comfortable clothes than a warm and beautiful knitted vest. It is easy to put on and just as easy to take off, it does not restrict movement.
  • Warm. Products are made from natural threads with the addition of synthetics. This is the reason for their high thermal performance and strength.
  • Versatility. A stylish vest will decorate a casual look, be appropriate in the office, complement a romantic or casual look, and can be useful even in evening dresses.
  • Originality and originality. The number of patterns, knitting methods is simply huge. Each fashionista can get her own exclusive version of a knitted vest.

TOP 5 fashion styles

The most stylish vests are:

  • Asymmetrical. With different lengths front and back. It looks unusual, stylish, can be used as a tunic or even a dress, depending on the length.
  • With a collar. A great option for every day. The high collar zone protects the neck from hypothermia, and also acts as an original accent.
  • Elastic waistcoat. A simple and stylish knitting option will perfectly complement both street and business looks. A strict, discreet and comfortable piece of clothing - for those who appreciate comfort and convenience.
  • Oversize. Like all other things, vests are also loose and slightly “out of size”. It will look good both on slender fashionistas and on owners of a magnificent figure.
  • Vest-top. You can wear this element of clothing not only in addition to others, but also as an independent thing. So, fine yarn products are well suited for cool summer evenings as a top.

2. What to wear with knitted vests?

Knitted vests have returned to the wardrobes of fashionistas to diversify looks and change moods. They are truly versatile - easily combined with other things, suitable for any season, appropriate in different styles. It's all about the huge variety of models. Each girl will be able to choose a suitable option for herself among all the fashion variety.

Fashionable vests differ in length, fit, top design, pattern, color, decor. Using different variations, they can really be combined with anything.

  • T-shirts, stockings. The most common and recognizable option. T-shirts can be either short-sleeved or long-sleeved. It is better to use tight-fitting models, putting on a loose vest on top. The bottom with this combination can be in the form of trousers, jeans, skirts. Such an outfit is relevant everywhere - for a walk, a party, a date, even in the office.
  • Shirts. For business people who have strict dress code requirements, a shirt or blouse set plus a knitted vest will do. In this case, it is better to choose things with a V or U-neck so that the shirt collar looks out. For a looser and more relaxed look with a shirt, wide jeans, boots or sneakers are suitable.
  • Dresses. A great option to warm up and look feminine, elegant, luxurious. Under the vest, you can wear a dress of any style - a case, a trapeze, a shirt, knitwear or light materials.
  • Jackets. The prototype of this combination is a three-piece suit. It can be made a little more relaxed if you wear a stylish knitted vest instead of a strict knitted vest. A spectacular handbag, accessories will help bring the image to the ideal.
  • Pants, jeans. Suitable for those for whom comfort and convenience are in the first place. In this case, you can use almost any thing as a top - long sleeves , T-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks, blouses. If you choose trousers, then the best shoes are ankle boots, loafers, and with jeans you can wear sneakers, sneakers and look sporty.
  • Skirts, shorts. Unusual and original images are created with vests and shorts. You can use both elongated Bermuda shorts, and short shorts, and a knitted product made of thin cool yarn. Skirts can be both summer and off-season, short, midi or floor-length.

3. Which shoes to wear with a vest?

A vest is a thing that in itself does not belong to any particular style. It acquires its charm in combination with other things. The versatility, practicality and variety of this item of clothing allows you to experiment a lot, create unique sets in different styles.

The great advantage of vests is that, with due diligence, they can be combined with absolutely any clothing, and, consequently, shoes. Therefore, when choosing shoes, it is worth focusing, first of all, on the general style and image. And also - for the season, personal preferences. Vests can be worn all year round, which means that combinations can be with both summer and winter shoes.

For business office bows with a vest, pumps would be appropriate, and if it's a cold season, then neat boots, boots with heels or flats. It is undesirable to use a hairpin only if it is not part of the dress code.

In everyday style, there are a lot of options. In summer - sandals, shoes, slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers. In the off-season - ankle boots, boots with rough soles, short or long boots, over the knee boots - especially if there are dresses or skirts in the image. However, such high shoes would also be appropriate with pants.

If you want to create a more romantic look, you should choose sophisticated, delicate shoe models for a vest. It can be low heels, flat-soled products, elegant wedges. In "flying" bows, as a rule, light weightless fabrics are used. Therefore, shoes should match the appearance.

Casual is a style in which a combination of even the most incompatible elements is allowed. Here you can express yourself in different ways, demonstrate individuality, combining vests with frankly sports shoes, classic, rough or elegant, with or without decor. Such images are a real flight of fancy that has no boundaries.

As for color schemes, shoes can be close to the color of the vest, completely match or radically different. If the vest performs the function of outerwear, it is worth approaching the selection more carefully. You can play in contrast by wearing a plain, discreet vest and highlighting shoes and a small accessory with the same bright accents.

You have seen that there are a lot of options for combining knitted vests with different shoes. It remains to decide on a personal style.

4. What colors of vests are the most practical?

Modern fashion is built on three "pillars" - beauty, convenience and practicality. The last of these depends on factors such as material, cut and color. Manufacturers do their best to keep things as attractive and functional as possible. They use strong, durable and wear-resistant materials. But as for the color, here the choice depends solely on the fashionista herself.

A vest is a versatile garment that can refresh and decorate any look. Whatever color it is, there will always be things with which you can create a harmonious set. You can choose both neutral tones and the brightest, most unusual ones. But if we talk about practicality, there is a conditional list of shades that, in comparison with others, are more practical and comfortable - not only in terms of wear, but also compatibility.

  • Beige. One of the most popular colors, always relevant due to its restraint, neutrality. It is not difficult to form thoughtful diverse ensembles using a beige vest.
  • Black. It's hard to come up with a more practical color than black. Eternal classic, base, 100% compatibility with any other shades are the main reasons to choose black vests. This is not a soiled color, depending on the context, it can look both strict and laid-back.
  • Grey. An original compromise between easily soiled white and gloomy black. Gray is associated with calmness, stability, monumentality, and not with boredom. Looks with a gray vest will always be winning, as this shade goes well with both the basic palette and bright tones.
  • Brown. This color is literally created for comfortable and practical fashionable everyday bows. It is not as versatile as beige, but also allows you to create a variety of moods. It is believed that brown is more preferred by ladies of respectable age, but it can also look interesting and stylish in the wardrobes of young fashionistas.
  • Blue. Color skillfully balances between the monotony of black tones and bright palette, which is not appropriate everywhere. In business style, casual, casual, sporty, romantic images, different shades of blue are often used, from very dark to blue. Thanks to this variety, blue can be safely attributed to the most practical shades.

5. What is the difference between a jacket and a vest?

The emergence of new names and elements of clothing in the fashion industry can cause a lot of inconvenience. Sometimes fashionistas simply do not know the name of a particular item of clothing, and this creates difficulties in finding and choosing it. In some cases, the names are so similar that it is easy to confuse them.

Thus, jackets and vests that are consonant in pronunciation, but completely different in execution, often lead to confusion and embarrassment. Therefore, we propose to figure out what each of the elements is, so as not to be confused anymore.

The main difference between vests and jackets is the lack of sleeves in the first ones. Even if the jacket has short sleeves, they still cover the forearms, and the top of the vests is usually made in the form of a T-shirt. Another difference is that vests are more often made as a solid product, and jackets have fasteners or do not close at all.

Jackets are similar to jackets, but have a looser cut, which allows them to be used not only in business looks, but also in everyday life. Vests can also be tight or loose. Knitwear is more often used in the second case, and knitwear can become part of a three-piece suit.

Vests are often used as outerwear, instead of massive sweaters, jumpers or in addition to them. This is an all-season item, and even in summer it can be used as a top or worn over a T-shirt on chilly days.

The jacket is also becoming more and more versatile. It can be used not only in a business style, but also for every day, in combination with jeans, jumpers, rough shoes. You can also create sets that include both a jacket and a vest. Having both of these things in your wardrobe, you will get a variety of stylish looks for all occasions.